Exhibitor Games

Duck, Duck, Goose!

This year our attendees have a choice of playing a new game in the Exhibitor Hall and we will provide all our vendors with the items to participate. The game is “Duck, Duck, Goose.” Each day of the conference at the different exclusive times, all vendors will be given either a Fancy Rubber Duck or a Special Rubber Goose (there is only 1 Rubber Goose). Attendees will need to find the vendor who holds the Goose by playing a game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” or rather, interact with vendors to find out if they hold a fancy duck or the special rubber goose. Attendees will be able to submit their guess as to the vendor who holds the rubber goose at each exclusive time for a chance to win a prize. If you would like to donate an item for one of these prizes, please email us at: claconexhibits@gmail.com.

Prize Donations:

We are looking for prize donations for the “Duck, Duck, Goose” Exhibits Hall Games, as well as silent auction items (all proceeds go back to CLA). If you would like to contribute a prize or auction item please let us know. The prize would need to be brought to us during set up on May 2nd or 3rd or mailed to:

Alessandra Petrino

Weston Public Library

56 Norfield Rd.

Weston, CT 06883

It will need to be received by April 30th if mailing. The prizes will be visible at our Exhibitor Chair Booths displayed with your company’s name/logo on an 8 ½ x 11 paper. We will call out winners for these prizes during the breaks of each day and thank your company with a reminder of your booth location for attendees to visit.