Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Session 5: Breakouts 3:15-4:10 PM

Mystic Ballroom

Making Mindfulness


Presenters: Liz Lesso, University of Saint Joseph; Sarah McCusker, Canton Public Library


Creative pursuits can be relaxing and enhance our daily lives, allowing us to better serve our communities. Crafts really fit that bill, since we can run programs for library patrons that address this AND use the same skills/techniques for ourselves and for teambuilding. Join us as we talk about ways to use creativity and crafting to support the mental well-being of library workers and patrons alike.


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Conference Room 1

Navigating the Law Library Services Unit, CT Judicial Branch


Presenters: Anna Dauphinee, CT Judicial Branch Law Library Services Unit, Law Library at Bridgeport Courthouse; Emily Oumano, CT Judicial Branch Law Library Services Unit, Rockville Law Library


Learn about the resources and services of the Law Library Services Unit of the Connecticut Judicial Branch that can help reference and adult services librarians. Learn about our in-library resources and databases as well as the services we offer, including our email reference service and chat. We also will review our online resources, including research guides, how to help patrons locate legal assistance, videos and tip cards for patrons who are representing themselves, Connecticut Law by Subject, ordinance table, and more.


Sponsored by: CLA Reference and Adult Services Section

Conference Room 2

Running on Thin Ice: A discussion of overexercising, undereating, and perfectionism


Presenter: Nicole Rizzo, Southern Connecticut State University


I am a 22-year-old author and graduate student from Derby, Connecticut. My book, Running on Thin Ice, traces my battle with over exercising, undereating, and perfectionism as a long-distance runner. My presentation will relay my personal experiences with these issues and explain how I overcame them. The aim is to be relatable to others struggling by discussing topics related to mental wellness that are not shared often enough.


Sponsored by: CLA Conference Committee

Conference Room 3

Change Management: Setting the Stage for Success


Presenters: Beth Piezzo, Chesire Public Library; Rory Martorana (she/her), New Haven Free Public Library


Change is inevitable, yet many of us are resistant to it, often to the detriment of ourselves and our organizations. Successful change is about clear and consistent communication, employee empowerment, and support from leadership. In this session we’ll offer guidelines and actionable steps for implementing changes in your organization in a measured and intentional way that will help set the stage for success. Attendees who are preparing for a change initiative will have the opportunity to anonymously submit their ideas/questions for discussion.


Sponsored by: CLA Career Development Committee

Conference Room 5

Resource Sharing with requestIT CT and the FulfILLment Platform


Presenters: Brad Bullis, Connecticut State Library; Andrea Buntz Neiman, Equinox Open Library Initiative; Jessica Woolford, Bibliomation, Inc.


If you’re a Connecticut Library interested in streamlining your interlibrary loan workflow, come join us for an overview of FindIT CT and RequestIT CT. FindIT and RequestIT are sponsored by the Connecticut State Library and supported by Bibliomation. FindIT serves as a statewide union catalog and RequestIT allows members to seamlessly borrow and lend items from member libraries. Both services use Fulfillment, interlibrary loan software developed by Equinox Open Library Initiative. Come learn about the benefits of joining RequestIT and see the newest features in Fulfillment - developed with the input of Connecticut librarians!


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Conference Room 7

Connecting to an AI-Driven World: What Librarians Need to Know About Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Presenter: Sharon Clapp, Central Connecticut State University


This presentation by CCSU’s 2022 IDEA Institute on AI fellow Sharon Clapp will cover the core concepts behind AI/ML, how AI/ML has already begun dominating our information ecosystem, and how these technologies are poised to affect all of us in the coming years. Some questions you may be asking already: can AI do the work of researching, writing, creating art? When and how must we be skeptical about AI/ML products and research? What skills and knowledge might we need to leverage this technology and to grapple with an AI-dominated world? Where are the best resources for library, archives, and museum professionals to get training in this area? If you haven’t been paying attention to the conversation around AI, you’re going to want to tune in now.


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