Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Session 4: Breakouts 1:50-2:45 PM

Conference Room 1

Reread, Reuse, Redecorate


Presenters: Tabbi Heavner, Capital Community College; Kari Karp, Capital Community College


You’ve all been there: a patron discovers discard piles and demands to know why you’re removing books. Meanwhile, your programming and teen librarians have exhausted their budgets and themselves but need more programs to fill the calendar. You’ve pinned page after page on Pinterest; it all looks pretty—certainly you can’t pull it off. Good news—you can! We introduce three book craft techniques that work well for group instruction: folding; cutting; and measure, mark, and fold (MMF). Participants will leave with instructions and inspirations for future projects, and may bring a well-loved paperback or hardcover to start a project.


CLA Member-Sponsored

Conference Room 2

Great Mentors Know that Advice is Overrated


Presenter: Aaron J. Alwine


Mentoring is one of the best catalysts for growth, but leaders often do it wrong. Many mentors feel they need to give advice, however, this strategy is overrated. The best mentoring is about asking questions and telling stories. Aaron J Alwine has coached and mentored dozens of people both through his job as Director of Medtronic, the largest medical device manufacturer in the world, and as a volunteer. He will show us why giving advice is not the best way to make the most of your mentoring relationship and will provide practical strategies you can start using right away.


Sponsored by: CLA Career Development Committee

Conference Room 3

Date Night With Your ILS: Reigniting the Spark and Making the Most of it for Your Staff & Patrons


Presenters: Olivia Scully, Bibliomation, Inc.; Kate Sheehan, Stratford Library Association


You see your ILS every day, but when was the last time you really looked at it? Has your relationship with your OPAC grown a bit tired? Join us as we explore ways to reconnect and reignite the passion! We’ll discuss such library “love languages” as: the stories abundant data can tell; the dance between high-tech and high-touch; the alluring ambience of ILS as a location of service; and more. There will be ample time for Q&A, and of course, your own tales of love and woe. The library date never looked so good!


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Conference Room 5

Unpacking the Censor’s Toolbox


Presenter: John Chrastka, EveryLibrary


Attempts to ban or censor materials come in many shapes and from several different directions. When they originate with concerned parents or community members, it is always important to engage in difficult conversations. But when they become politicized or performative, they may be driven by outside agendas and not legitimate local concerns. In this session, EveryLibrary's executive director John Chrastka will share ways to better understand the differences and be properly equipped to engage the issues, organizations, and political philosophies driving these divisions.


Sponsored by: CLA Intellectual Freedom Committee in conjunction with Connecticut Library Consortium

Conference Room 6

The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Keyword Journey Through Its Principles and Provisions


Presenter: Elanah Sherman


Librarians were among the first professionals to embrace the ADA upon its passage in 1990. Welcome to a workshop that celebrates this impressive history! Using a keyword approach, this session will educate participants on Titles II and III of the ADA. The workshop will enable attendees to think through and apply the ADA to the myriad situations they may encounter in their daily work. Anecdotal exchange encouraged, as well as candor, open discussion, and humor. Note: The workshop will not cover the employment section of the ADA, nor include detailed information on technologies.


Sponsored by: CLA ADA Committee

Conference Room 7

Crafting Values: How to Build a Library for Today--and Tomorrow


Presenters: Jim Childress, FAIA, Centerbrook Architects; Micaela Porta, New Canaan Library


Craft: To make with care, skill, ingenuity. Values: Define what is important in our lives. Building a library requires combined talent, skill, and vision. For our team--librarians, community members, trustees, designers, builders--crafting values meant creating a place that fosters purpose, social connection, and inclusion, and making and appointing it in a way that will work today and for the next hundred years. Each decision was connected to the guiding values of our project and professions: craft, lifelong learning, community, inclusion, sustainability. This is the story of how these principles are made manifest in an exciting new library.


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