Tuesday, May 2, 2023

All Day Events 10:20 AM- 4:00 PM (Excluding Lunch)

Conference Room 4

Sensory Space and Relaxation Room


We know that large events can sometimes be overwhelming. To help those that may need a break from all the energy that conference brings, we invite you to take some time to relax in this designated space. There will be dim lighting, coloring pages, fidgets and soft music options. So if you need a break, we have you covered.


Sponsored by: CLA Conference Committee

Conference Room 8

Resume Review Sessions

Presenters: CLA Member volunteers

Would you like an experienced library manager or administrator to review your resume and give you pointers in a one-on-one review session? Sign up at the registration table and book a 20 minute slot during the conference! Get tips that will help you show your skills and experience in the best possible light so you're ready for your next advancement opportunity!

Sponsored by: CLA Career Development Committee