Monday, May 1, 2023

Session 4: Breakouts 1:35-2:30 PM

Conference Room 1

Critical Hit! Creating D&D Programming in the Library


Presenters: Molly Virello, Southington Public Library & Museum


With the rise of Stranger Things, Critical Role, and the general acceptance of nerd culture, D&D is experiencing an explosion in popularity. So how can libraries (and librarians) capitalize on this new-found interest, promote their collections, boost their programming, AND get kids excited? By hosting simple D&D campaigns, of course! Join Molly Virello as she guides you through the (not-as-epic-as-you’d-think) quest to host D&D programs at your library. She will suggest quick guides and materials to get started, lay out simple rules, and help you figure out how to run your own campaign. Learn from her mistakes so you can succeed!


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Conference Room 2

Rearranging Religion to Decolonize Dewey


Presenters: Matthew Jaquith,  Springfield City Library; Elizabeth McKinstry, Springfield City Library; Tom O'Connell, Springfield City Library


In 2019, OCLC provided mapping for an alternate arrangement for the Dewey Decimal System’s religious subjects (200’s) which organized them by chronology and geography, rather than centering on Western Christianity. After learning about another library using this alternate method, the Springfield City Library decided to adopt it as well, and reclassified materials in all nine of our locations. Attend this session to learn why we pursued this project, a little bit about our process (including helpful handouts and contacts), and most importantly, why we think your library should make the same change in support of your community.


Sponsored by: CLA Technical Services Section and JEDI Section

Conference Room 3

Keep Calm Coming Out of COVID


Presenters: Maggie Downie


More stressed than usual? That is totally normal, but what can you do about it? In this workshop, we’ll review different types of stress responses and some of the positive attributes of stress (that’s right, it’s not all bad). Then we will discuss exercise, posture and breathing options for stress relief. All moves in this workshop are gentle. More rigorous options are discussed.


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Conference Room 5

Revolutionizing Outreach


Presenters: Vanesha McGee, Libraries Without Borders US; Nina Safane, Libraries Without Borders US; Kymberlee Powe, Connecticut State Library; Ashley Sklar, Connecticut State Library


The 17,000+ public library branches in the U.S. should be fully accessible hubs of learning and civic connection in every community - across racial, socio-economic, and partisan divides. Still, in many places, communities of color, rural, less educated, and low-income residents report lower levels of engagement with libraries than white, college-educated, and higher-income Americans. In this session, we will unpack the “whys” we have found in our prior work and key steps that libraries can take to change that reality. We will preview the framework we are using to approach this in partnership with the Connecticut State Library with partners across the state.


Sponsored by: CLA Conference Committee

Conference Room 6

Self-Actualization and Becoming the Leader You Are Called To Be


Presenter: Steve Butzel, Uncomfortable Fun Coaching & Consulting and Fiske Public Library


This session is open to 8-10 brave souls who attended my first program and want to go deeper exploring the topics of self-actualization and leadership development in an experiential format. The session will include facilitated group discussions, journaling, meditation, and numerous exercises including composing a “Standards & Requirements” document or personal constitution. Participants will be encouraged to participate in a free Voxer space for 2 weeks following the conference to continue discussion, reflection and transformational goal setting all leading to greater effectiveness as a leader at your job and beyond.


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Conference Room 7

Pop-Up Libraries (Panel Discussion)


Presenters: Luis Chavez-Brumell, New Haven Free Public Library; Rachel Gravel, Simsbury Public Library; Jen Linton, Warwick Public Library; Douglas Lord, CLA President; Ellen O’Brien, Warwick Public Library; Sunnie Scarpa, E.C. Scranton Memorial Library; Rebecca Spera, Mystic & Noank Library; Lauren Walker, Coventry (RI) Public Library; Megan Weeden, Coventry (RI) Public Library


Have you dreamed of bringing mobile library services to your community? Maybe you’re weighing the benefits of getting a book bike versus a van versus a pull-behind caddy?

Attend this panel discussion to hear procedure and tips from several library staffers who operate pop-up library vehicles in their communities. In a separate program block (Session 5), visit us in the parking lot to see some pop-up library vehicles in person and talk with their drivers/riders about the pros and cons of each and the services they offer.


Sponsored by: CLA Public Library Services Section