Monday, May 1, 2023

Session 2: Breakouts 10:30-11:25 AM

Conference Room 1

Teen Services Post Pandemic: Are We Okay?

Presenters: Cathy Potter, East Hartford Public Library; Sage Gentry, Farmington Libraries; Mary N.S. Richardson, Simsbury Public Library; Stephanie Smith, Avon Public Library

Teen Services is always an ever-changing department in public libraries. However, things are not what they used to be with our age group. We're all different after experiencing a global historic pandemic that left most of us and our teens isolated. In this session, we will talk about the ups and downs of programming post-pandemic as we all reintegrate back into society. We'll share our experiences and what's working for us.

Sponsored by: CLA Young Adult Services Section

Conference Room 2

Props that Pop!

Presenters: Ericka Bajrami, The Farmington Libraries; Patti Brady-Lux, The Farmington Libraries

While we alone can do great things, props can help keep kids fully engaged and ease transitions during storytimes and other programs. We'll discuss how props can enhance the program experience for kids (and make it less stressful for you!), and look beyond flannel boards to special objects you can use for in-house and outreach programs. You are invited to share what works for you as well!

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Conference Room 3

Becoming the Leader of Your Life and Your Career

Presenter: Steve Butzel, Uncomfortable Fun Coaching & Consulting and Fiske Public Library

Becoming an effective leader as a librarian has less to do with librarianship and textbook leadership theory and more to do with personal growth and self-mastery. But what does the process of gaining self-mastery entail, and how does it translate into leadership effectiveness? In this session we’ll begin unpacking these crucial questions. So, if you want to become a more authentic, healthy and effective leader at any level in your organization, please attend this program and join others interested in beginning a rewarding lifelong journey that will yield immediate and long-term results.

Sponsored by: CLA Conference Committee

Conference Room 5

Writing Responses to Material Challenges

Presenter: Sarah McCusker, Canton Public Library

So, you’ve received a formal challenge to a material in your collection, what do you do now? You know you need to respond but what should that response actually say? Learn the dos and don’t of how to write, respond and best structure your response to material challenges to ensure that you protect the library, protect yourself and protect the library material.

Sponsored by: CLA Intellectual Freedom Committee

Conference Room 6

Community Impact Through Learning

Presenter:  Azadeh (Azi) Jamalian, PhD, The GIANT Room

A trained systems engineer with a Ph.D. in cognitive science in education, Azi has always been interested in the integration of technology and learning. She co-founded Tiggly, and early learning company that pioneered the integration of physical play with digital applications, to provide a rich and interactive learning experience for children. She was also the head of education strategy for littleBits. Through GIANT Room, and innovation hub, Azi and her team give children the opportunity and community support they need to act on their most ambitious dreams. Azi will share tips for designing learning platforms for children, taking advantage of emerging educational tech and utilizing game design, mathematical education and cognition. CSL/DLD will be partnering with the GIANT Room for upcoming workshops.

CLA Member-Sponsored

Conference Room 7

The Fearless Guide to Hosting Courageous Conversations

Presenters: Anne Henriques, Berlin-Peck Memorial Library; Kimberly McNally, Berlin-Peck Memorial Library

The ability to talk to someone who is your political opposite about tough topics like racism, incarceration, or abortion is a skill that can be learned. The ability to host a program that teaches these skills through practice is, fortunately, also a skill that can be learned! Hear how we created the Courageous Conversations program and learn how you can do it too. We'll cover planning, researching topics, setting expectations, troubleshooting, and lots of tips for success learned over a year of running this program.

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